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Greek Gould Anthology enters Political Science Curriculum

Stefanos Theodoridis’ best-selling Greek anthology of Gould’s writings, Glenn Gould, Reflections on Music has now entered the academic circles at Aristotle University, Thessaloniki.  The book was selected by political sciences professor Dr. Spiros Marketos as part of the materials for his course, “Music, History, Politics.” 

Mr. Theodoridis believes that it is only a matter of time before Greek musicology departments follow to incorporate the Gould anthology into their own course materials. 

“But for the moment, the connection with political sciences seems perfectly fitting with Gould’s broad culture and interests such as politics, history, aesthetics, theology, sociology, ethics,” said Theodoridis. The author is elated to see the adoption of Gould studies and the increasing awareness of Gould in Greece—“the land that gave birth – among so many other things – to logic, Gould’s treasured way of thinking!”  

Glenn Gould, Reflections on Music was long-listed for the 2013 Greek Literary Translation Awards.  

Stefanos Theodoridis is a musician, translator of classical music books, piano pedagogy researcher and passionate Glenn Gould scholar living in Athens, Greece. He hopes to yield more publications with his ongoing Glenn Gould research.  For more information on how to support Stefanos' academic research work in Canada and abroad, contact him by email


Celebrating Gould's Birthday and Legacy: Prize Nominations Open

Today marks 82 years since the birth of Glenn Gould!  That means it's time to open the nominations for the next Glenn Gould Prize.

The Glenn Gould Foundation invites you to nominate an outstanding individual to become the Laureate of the Eleventh Glenn Gould Prize.  Honour a leading figure in the Arts fields, as related to the theme of music and communication, for his or her lifetime of extraordinary creative achievement and innovation.  

Living candidates of any nationality are eligible.  Nominations must be submitted via the online form by November 15, 2014

 Pour l'information en française, cliquez ici.

Nominate for a chance to win Prize Gala tickets!

The individual who nominates the winning Laureate as selected by the Eleventh Glenn Gould Prize Jury will receive two (2) complimentary tickets to the Gala Awards Ceremony with round-trip airfare and accommodations to attend the event.

Click here to learn more!



Soulpepper presents Glenn

Soulpepper presents

By David Young
Prodigy, Perfectionist, Performer and Puritan: The iconic Canadian artist Glenn Gould. Glenn is a fascinating and moving look at the music and mythology of an eternally captivating figure. Framed by Gould's two definitive versions of Bach's The Goldberg Variations, Young uses a theme-and-variation compositional structure to examine the arc of the Gould's life and the breadth of his character.
Featuring Brent Carver, Jeff Lillico, Mike Ross, and Steven Sutcliffe
On stage now at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District
Tickets: 416-866-8666 or